Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boys Night Out!

Dave and Hunter went to the Motorcross this last Saturday for a Boys night out. They had a blast, even though they froze their hinney's off :) Dave said that they went through many cups of Hot Chocolate to try to stay warm. It didn't work to very well though :)

My boys getting ready to go. Hunter didn't want to wear his dirt bike shirt at first, because he was worried that the people at the motorcross would think he was supposed to race. He said "Mom I don't know how to jump off big hills yet" Although, I think he was a little disappointed to find out that he wouldn't be riding his bike at all at the motorcross :)
Hunter had a blast with his buddies!

Hunter hadn't been home 10 minutes, when we found him crashed out on the floor. Wow! This is not like Hunter. He is our child who will stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning playing his DS, watching a movie on the portable DVD player, or playing with his toys. (No we don't allow him to do that, he will wait until we are asleep or in bed, and then he will sneak the DS or DVD player) So he must have had a very fun time for him to be so exhausted :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a Good Son-In-Law

Last Saturday, my Dad asked Dave if he would come and help take the shingles off of one of his rentals. Being the good son-in-law that he is, Dave said yes. I think an hour into it Dave regretted saying he'd help :) The rental was an older house, so I guess the shingles were really hard to get off, not to mention they were 4 layers thick. But Dave was a trooper, he even kept working after falling through the roof of the garage. :) I wish I could have seen that. lol. By the time he got home (which was way after it had gotten dark) He was completely black and could barely walk. I know this really made Dave glad that he has a desk job. :)

This picture doesn't do justice to how dirty Dave was.

But I guess I didn't have much sympathy for him (even though I should have) cuz I made him get up on the roof a couple days later to take down our Christmas lights. WHAT A MEAN WIFE!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mckell

My little tax baby (she was born on April 15) just turned 4! Time goes by sooo fast. It seems like just yesterday she was a baby :( We absolutely LOVE having Mckell in our family. She has such a fun personality, she is always smiling, and she is not afraid of anything or anyone. She will talk to people at the grocery store, at Dave's work, and she is never afraid to go downstairs to her room alone (Hunter won't though). She is my little helper. She likes to feed Lexi for me, unload the dishwasher, sweep the floors, and fold the laundry. And she gives the BEST hugs and kisses. We love her to death!

The past few months Mckell has been asking if she could have a birthday party with her friends, and me being a softy, I told her she could. She decided to have a princess party. We made princess wands out of big pixie sticks, made castles out of sugar wafers, played a balloon relay, ate pizza while watching a princess cartoon, and played find Cinderella's lost slipper. The kids had a lot of fun. Some came dressed up as princesses, and we had costumes for those that didn't. It was a very fun party, if I do say so myself :)
Mckell has the cutest friends! We had 3 friends missing, so we'll have to have them over to make wands another time :)

So this was not the only party Mckell had, we had another one for family. I figured since we'd had pizza the night before that I would go all out and grill marinated pork, make cheesy potatoes, have rolls, corn, and fruit. It was delicious. My mom made rice krispy treat ice cream cones. The were really cool looking. I should have taken a picture (I guess I wasn't thinking)
This is Mckell's cake. It is a rice krispy treat princess crown (if you couldn't tell).

Monday, April 13, 2009

EaStEr WeEkEnD!!!!

We had a great Easter weekend! There was soooo much going on and my kids loved it. Hunter and Mckell both had an Easter Egg hunt in their classes, we had one with the Ropelatos, one with the Wangsgards, and then we went to a local grocery store, Lee's, and went along the bunny trail collecting treats and even met the Easter Bunny. Needless to say, we have oodles of candy at our house. I don't think that is going to be good for Dave and my diet :) I asked the kids if they had a good Easter and Hunter replied, "No, I had a GREAT Easter" That is just what I wanted to hear :) This is Hunter's class after the Easter Egg Hunt. They are all so cute! I would've got one of Mckell's class, but the batteries died. Whoops! I knew I should have checked them before we'd left :)
I couldn't not post the one of them making funny faces :) Aren't they cute!

The kids had fun decorating their eggs. But I forgot how messy decorating eggs could be, well maybe it's just my kids who are messy. lol
When the Easter Bunny comes to our house, he hides the kids Easter Baskets and leaves them clues around the house to help them find it. The kids love this! this year Hunter read his own clues (he's growing up so fast :( )

Even Lexi love seeing what the Easter Bunny brought her.

Don't I have the cutest kids in the whole world :) HAPPY EASTER!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Picture Tag

I was tagged with a picture tag, and was told to go to my 7th folder and look at the 7th picture. Of course I was a little nervous about what I would find and have to post :) Just kidding, most of the pictures we have are of our kids, so I had no worries.
Mckell loves princesses! This is her dressed up as Aurora, dancing to "Once upon a dream". You can't see it in the picture, but she has one of her baby dolls that she is dancing with.

My kids love dancing around to music, but you'll never get Hunter to admit it :) One night we were all sitting around listening to music on ITunes, finding music to put on Dave's Ipod, and we all ended up dancing around. It was so much fun and we were all laughing our heads off. Since then, my kids like to dance around the house. Isn't it funny how the littlest things can bring your family closer together. I love it!

Now I'm going to tag: Stacey, Angela, Laney, Shay, Jill, Heidi, and Angie.