Monday, February 25, 2013

"Most Relazing Surfin' Safari"

Since Hunter is now a Webelos, he and Dave got the opportunity to make a cake for the Blue and Gold Banquet. The theme was "beach party". This is what we came up with. . .
Hunter got the award for the "Most Relaxing Surfin' Safari"
I'm not sure if Dave has ever made a cake before so I had to document it, lol.

The boys with their finished cupcakes.
Dave and Hunter getting their award.
Hunter's buddies with their cakes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

~Pizza Man~

Lexi had a class fieldtrip today to Pizza Man.  They had so much fun making dough, breadsticks, and their own personal pizzas.

Lexi with her very own cheese pizza.
Waiting in line to put her pizza into the big oven.

The girls enjoying the breadsticks they made :)

~The Silver Beaver Award~

My Dad got his Silver Beaver Award in Scouting.  It is a very prestigious award in the scouting program.  Way to Go Dad!  It was fun to have everyone there to support him.
The family (minus Richard, Cassie, and Paisley)
We are all very proud of you Dad!

Friday, February 8, 2013

~Garrett is the Happiest Baby I know~

Garrett is the happiest baby!  He is always smiling and laughing. He only cries when he is hungry, and lately when he wants me.  I hope, as he grows up, that he keeps this quality and remains happy.  His smile and his laugh bring joy to our home.
As you can see, he is always smiling :)  He is such a blessing, I can't imagine our family without him!

~Trip to the Firestation~

Lexi's preschool go on the funnest fieldtrips. Recently they just visited the local firestation.  Lexi loved it!  She liked watching the video they showed, rolling around the floor to put the "pretend" fire out, seeing the firemen all dressed up, and most of all she loved seeing the BIG firetruck.
Garrett didn't care much for wearing the fireman hat.
It has been a couple of weeks since this fieldtrip and Lexi still runs around the house, with her firehat, putting out fires :)  She is such a cutie!

~Winter Dance Recidal~

Mckell and Lexi had there winter dance recidal this past week.  They both were so excited to do their dances on stage.  They love dance, and love that they get to take classes with their best friends.
This is Lexi's first year taking dance.  She absolutely loves it.   She was so cute up on stage, and wasn't nervous at all.  Her group did their dance to "The Happy Working Song" from Enchanted.  It was by far my favorite dance of the night.  She did such a cute job!
 I know this is blurry but I thought it showed how cute they were on stage.

Mckell did her dance to "I'm a Wild One" from Pretty Woman.  Her group also did a really good job.  I loved their costumes!

Mckell with her Grandmas.
Mckell with the boys.  Hunter was there for the first part of the recidal.  He left with one of his friends after the junior recidal, hahaha.  I guess he just couldn't take any more of girls dancing :)
The girls loved getting flowers!  They couldn't wait to get home and put them in a vase.  I really love going and watching my kids dance, play ball, and do their school programs.  It really does make me feel good inside :)