Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~Bear Lake~

We have been really big into day trips lately. This time we went up to Bear Lake. We first went to visit Minatonka Cave. It was really neat, and the kids thought it was cool to see what the inside of a mountain was like.
The kids favorite thing about visiting the cave was when they turned out all of the lights so that we could see how dark it was inside the cave. It was pretty creepy!
After visiting the cave we went and got one of the famous Bear Lake Raspberry shakes. They were delic! Then we went looking for a spot to play on the beach in the water. Well, being a Saturday, and in July, the entire beach was full. Well we have some friends who have a cabin right on the beach and so we decided to drive over and see if we could sneak onto their beach :) Well to our surprise, they were up to the cabin for the weekend. So we crashed their family vacation and invaded their beach. Thanks Edmunds Family! The kids had a blast splashing in the water, even Lexi loved it. They collected a ton of seashells, and even made a sandcastle. We had a great day!

Lexi wasn't sure if she liked sitting in all the seashells. She had a smile, but wouldn't put her leg down:)
We've been so busy with activities that my kids haven't even realized that we haven't been swimming in a pool yet this summer. Hopefully Grandma's pool will be ready soon, before the summer is over. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Trip to Salt Lake

A couple of months ago Hunter and I were talking about the family vacations that we have been on. I asked Hunter what his favorite family trip was, and his reply was "Salt Lake City" What??? I forsure thought it would have been Disneyland, but it was Salt Lake City. A couple of years ago we have made it a tradition to go down to Salt Lake in the early evening, ride tracks "the train"around downtown, go to Gateway and play in the water fountain, then go and eat dinner (which has always been to McDonalds). The kids love this, and have been asking all summer when we were going to go. Our kids are very easy to please :)
We decided this year to shake things up a bit, and instead of eating at McDonalds, we would try somewhere different. We decided to take the kids to eat at the Mayan. It was my first time there too, so I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids. As we were walking in, Hunter kept saying "I think we are at the Indiana Jones ride". The atmosphere really made it seem like it.:)

On our way out Hunter spotted the "Ghostbustermobile". He is big into Ghostbusters right now, so he thought this was the coolest thing ever. He informed us that now he knew Ghostbusters were real, because he's seen their car.
After dinner, we headed to tracks "the train" and then to Gateway. The kids had a lot of fun running through the water. This year both of them were fearless. They stood right ontop of the water spouts hoping to get wet.
At Gateway, we were sitting next to a little family from Spain. They were speaking Spanish to each other and Hunter thought this was great. Dave tried talking to them a little, so Hunter asked Dave if he would start teaching him Spanish everyday. Hunter also said that he can't wait until he can go on a mission so he can learn Spanish.:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

~Wangsgard Family Reunion~

We just attended the annual Wangsgard family reunion. They are always held up at Wangsgaard Memorial Park up in Huntsville. It is a fun park because they have 4 old historical houses that are furnished with things that the pioneers used. There are old beds, an old sewing machine, outhouses, an old washbasin, etc. The kids had fun seeing how the pioneers lived in a 1 room house and that 1 room was the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. They were also shocked that the bathroom was outside the house. It really makes you appreciate your house, with an indoor bathroom, plumbing, several bedrooms, a kitchen with a fridge, stove and sink, and all that we take for granted.

This year my side of the family was in charge of all the activities. My uncles did a great job with the games. The kids had a blast!
Here are the kids in the relay race. They must get there form from their dad:) I wish I looked that good running, but Dave says I run like a girl. lol

Here are the kids in the sack race.

Here we are getting ready to do the egg toss. Hunter had his egg break on his shoulder, and his egg dripped down the front and back of him. Hunter didn't know how to take that, he was fighting back tears. But after we washed him up he was fine :)

Lexi is sooo determined to eat big people food. We had some chip dip out and the next thing I know Lexi is up to her elbows in it. She is just getting so quick.

In this relay, the kids had to be the quickest at nailing a nail into the board. This relay had me a little nervous at first, but no one got hurt. :)

Even Dave joined in on the fun!

Lexi had a good time too, but I think her favorite thing was playing with the dogs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~A Day at the Dinosaur Park~

Today the kids and I spent the afternoon at the Dinosaur Park with some of my cousins. We hardly ever see each other, so it was good to get together.
Hunter is digging for Dinosaur fossils.

Monday, July 6, 2009

~Fourth of July Weekend~

We had a fun, busy Fourth of July weekend. It started with boating on Friday with my side of the family. Hunter and Mckell had a blast riding the tube with their uncles.

This is Hunter in the tube and my brother Rich on the coffin.
You can't tell, but this is Mckell on the tube with my brother Christian (he's being a show off :)
Mckell was so excited to eat her "$5 Footlong". She sang that song the whole day boating :)

Dave and Hunter tried riding on the tube together, but Hunter didn't like riding with Dave because the tube made too big of a splash with Dave in it.

Lexi with Grandma Wangsgard. Lexi absolutely HATED being in the lifejacket! She liked the boat ride though.
Just cooling off in the lake.

Mckell was actually driving. WATCH OUT!!!

Saturday started off with the North Ogden Cherry Days parade. Hunter and Dave rode their bikes in the Childrens Parade. Dave pulled Mckell and Jasmin in the little wagon. They had fun. But the highlight was the big parade. The kids got TONS of candy, and the weather was perfect!

Mckell with her cousins Jocelyn and Jasmin.

We enjoyed the parade with both my side of the family and Dave's side of the family.

Lexi with her Grandma Darinda.

We finished the day with the fireworks at Weber High. They were awesome! I think we wore Lexi out today, because as soon as they turned the stadium lights out to begin the fireworks Lexi fell right asleep. She slept through the fireworks, even through the loud booms:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Biking At Delle

This weekend, Dave and Hunter went with the boys to ride dirt bikes at Delle. They had a blast!
What a scary looking bunch!

Hunter LOVES his bike!

This is Hunter with his friend Davis. Hunter had a blast racing Davis on their bikes. I really am glad that Dave and Hunter go and do "boy stuff" together. Hunter says all the time that Dave is his best friend, and I think doing things like this together is what makes him say that. My kids are sooo lucky to have such a GREAT dad:)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Why Are Moms Always So Mean To Their Kids?"

This is the question Hunter asked me the other night at dinner. I had made enchiladas, and I thought they were pretty good, so did Dave and Mckell. But Hunter thought they were the worst things in the world. I guess I am really mean, because I told him he had to eat at least 6 bites. (Trichelle, I knew he wasn't allergic to anything in them first cuz the whole time he was throwing his fit I thought of you and Ivy and the peas) It first started off with him moping, then to him being the only one left at the dinner table because he hadn't taken not one bite, then to him asking me to help him eat it by feeding it to him while his eyes were shut, then to him falling to the floor acting like he was going to die, to me getting mad at him for being so dramatic, to him crying asking me why moms are always so mean to their kids, to me starting to laugh because he was being soooo dramatic, so of course I had to get the camera out to document it (one day he'll look back and laugh about this). It took a while, but he did eat 6 bites and guess what! He is still alive :)
This is Hunter after he took the first bite. On the floor acting like he was going to die.

This is me trying to "help" Hunter eat his enchilada. He asked me to help him, then he tried running away from me everytime I tried to feed it to him. This is him trying to back down the stairs as I was coming to him.

He Did It!!!! He ate 6 bites of my "yummy" enchiladas. I just "love" dinnertime with a picky child.