Saturday, March 30, 2013

~Pre-Easter Activities~

The day before Easter is always full of fun activities for the kids to do.  This year Hunter was a little sceptical about if he even wanted to go, but he went (which I am still glad about).  These kinds of things are what make the holidays fun.  This morning Christian and Kenzie came and got Hunter, Mckell, and Lexi to take them to an Easter egg hunt at Kenzie's work.
The kids had fun, although Lexi was a little upset that she only found 4 eggs.  I guess she's got to learn to be quicker, lol.  This is good practice for her so she will be ready for our family Easter egg hunts.
Later, we all headed down to Lee's, our local grocery store, to meet the Easter bunny and to get treats along the bunny trail.  The kids always like doing this.
We ended the day a movie and coloring our Easter eggs to get ready for the Easter bunny.

Friday, March 29, 2013

~Spring Break in St George~

We had to get away from all the cold weather and snow, so we decided to head to St George over spring break and stay at Jerry and Darinda's house.  It was a lot of fun.  Jerry had a lot of fun new 4 wheeling trials to show us.  Hunter is getting to be quite the little driver (he scared me because he was a little dare devil).  He had so much fun riding 4 wheelers, I think we did that all 5 days we were there.
Lexi, Garrett, and Mckell in the back of Big Red (the picture is blurry cause I'm taking the picture through the plastic windows :))
Jerry took us to the place where he and Darinda repelled into the slot canyon.  The kids had fun climbing around and looking over the cliffs (which I think made uncle Wayne a bit nervous, lol)
This was a pretty steep cliff to go down.  Not everyone did it. Jerry had a rope to help us climb out of this slot canyon.  It is where he and Darinda began when they went repelling.  I can proudly say that I made it down and back up (although for a minute I didn't think I was going to make it back up the mountain). It was so steep and I didn't have a good place to hold on to.  If it weren't for Dave giving me a boost, I'd still be down in that canyon.
Hunter got pretty dirty from all the 4 wheeling we did.
Marley loved getting out and running.
The kids loved playing in the Virgin River.  They really had a lot of fun trying to skip rocks across the river.  Lexi was throwing one in and for some reason ended up throwing it right at my head.  Hurt like crazy!

Even Garrett loved being out in the sun.

When we weren't riding 4 wheelers we had fun playing at Jerry and Darinda's. The kids had fun dressing up in costumes, playing in the yard, going out to eat, and going to see the St George temple.  We even drove into Vegas one evening to see the lights and to ride Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere.  When we got there it was still light, so we decided to go see the Shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay.  The kids thought it was pretty cool. My parents even joined us for the day. 


Lexi didn't dare touch the mantarays :)  She would however put her hand in the water, as long as a mantaray wasn't near, lol.

Hunter's favorite thing about Vegas was definetely the Big Shot.  He wanted to go on it again.  We would have let him if it weren't already 12:30 a.m., and we still had to drive 2 hours back to St George.  It was a fun get away, and we were lucky to spend it with both sets of Grandparents.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

~Happy St Patricks Day~

My kids were so excited for St Patrick's Day, to see what the leprachaun would bring them.  He led them through the house with clues to find his treasure.
They found his goodie stash in our vacuum closet.
Garrett loved following the trail of starbursts that the leprachaun left.

~Mr. Independant~

Garrett wants to do everything by himself, including feeding himself. This is what he ends up looking like. . .

~Basketball Team~

Dave and Jerry have been coaching several of Hunters basketball teams over the past year.  This is a fun group of boys.  They had a party the other night at our house to end the season.  Hunter has had a lot of fun playing with these boys.  He LOVES basketball!

~He's on the Move!~

Hunter, Mckell, and Lexi were all crawling by 7 months old.  Garrett has been totally different.  He has had no desire to crawl, more like I have had no desire for him to crawl.  I'm sure that is what comes with the 4th child.  I liked knowing that if I put him down somewhere, he'd be right there when I came back.  I liked not having to worry about him getting into things, I liked not having to chase him around.   Well that has changed.  A week before he turned 10 months he started crawling, and now is into everything.  He pulls all the books off of the bookshelf, loves to crawl in the coffee table and push up on the glass, he opens the cupboard doors, pulls the movies out of the movie cabinet, and loves to crawl to the back door to visit with Marley.  One day he was immobile, and the next he was into everything :)  It's fun to see his excitement when he crawls, but oh how I miss the days of him sitting still :)
He does not like it when one of the kids stop him from going after things.  He wants to always be on the move :)
He absolutely LOVES Marley!
The other day I was in the office making some calls and I heard Garrett screaming.  When I walked out to see what was wrong this is what I found. . . .
I'm sure he was trying to go upstairs to play with the kids.  Who knew he could do stairs?  So Goodbye to the days of a still baby.  Garrett is on the move!