Monday, April 25, 2011

~Happy Easter~

Easter morning is a lot of fun at our house. The Easter bunny hides the kids Easter baskets and they need to follow clues to get to them. I think Hunter had a total of 22 clues, Mckell had 17, and Lexi had 10. They had a blast running all around the house, then outside to find the next clue.
The kids had written a little note to the Easter bunny, so he left a few things out for the kids, to get the basket hunt started. Their first clues are in their shoes.
Yes, it is still pitch black outside. The kids were up at 6:00 on the dot. We tried waking Lexi up to start the hunt with the other two, but she wasn't having any part of that. She climbed back in bed with Dave.
The Easter Bunny hid Hunter's basket down in the basement, and Mckell found hers in our food storage room.After about an hour, Lexi finally climbed out of bed. Hunter and Mckell were all to happy to help her read the clues to find her basket :)
Lexi's basket was hidden under Dave's computer desk.The Easter bunny brought the kids all kids of things. They each got a new swimsuit, a spring outfit, new shoes, new flip flops, crayons, a magic trick, the new Harry Potter movie, and TONS of candy.

The girls in their new Easter Sunday clothes.
Later that evening, we went to my mom and dad's for Easter dinner. The Easter bunny had hidden the kids baskets there as well. They had fun looking for another basket. The kids got more candy :) and flying moneys.
We had a very Happy Easter!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

~Saturday Easter Egg Hunt~

On Saturday afternoon, we had our annual Ropelato Easter Egg hunt. The kids (including Dave) absolutely LOVE this Easter Egg hunt, because a lot of the eggs have BIG money in them. This year it was a little different than normal because Jeff's family all came down with the stomache flu, so they had their egg hunt earlier that morning, so that they would not get us all sick. I'm thankful for that, but we sure did miss them :) Also, Stacey and Nate didn't make it up until later that afternoon, so for our egg hunt it was just our family and Marc and Randee. I guess Marc didn't explain how the egg hunt worked well enough, because Randee was so confused as to why Marc, Dave, and Hunter kept running past groups of eggs. Later she found out it was because they were just looking for the gold and silver eggs (those ones were the ones with money in them, lol). Darinda had it set up so that the kids were in the front yard and the adults, and older kids, were in the back. So it was basically just Lexi and me in the front (Mckell was there for a little bit, but then she wanted to go out back with the others). We missed most of the action in the back. Dave kept running right infront of Randee to get a silver egg before she did, lol. Next year she'll know not to let that happen, lol. We had a lot of fun! Mckell waiting out front for the cousins to come:) She couldn't wait to start the egg hunt.

Hunter decided to join her.
Let the hunt begin!!!! Lexi was in heaven!

Dave found most of the gold and silver eggs, lol. He was the big winner this year :)

After our egg hunt, Darinda had made a yummy lasagna lunch for us. The kids had fun playing with their cousins when they came, and they LOVED watching Katelyn, Sarah, and Abbie hunt for their Easter Eggs. We must have worn the kids out, they all ended up curling up on Gandma's and Grandpa's bed to watch a movie. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

~Let the Easter Festivities Begin!~

Friday night, my side of the family had our Easter egg hunt/ Easter dinner. It was a lot of fun. We had a delicious turkey dinner, found Easter eggs filled with money, played games, watched movies, and just visited. Lexi couldn't wait to start finding her Easter Eggs.

Richard helping Lexi get to some Easter eggs.

Mitch found all of his eggs first, so he jumped while the rest of us searched for ours :)Mckell and Richard going through their eggs.

Lexi was sooo excited to find $ in her eggs, lol. She would open her egg and squeal with delight and shout "I've got money", lol. She must have learned that from Hunter and Mckell, hahaha
Lexi ended up finding the most money out of every one :) She got a little over $18.
Hunter LOVED playing the games. He even won a few times :)

We had a fun night! Let the Easter Weekend begin!