Wednesday, January 2, 2013

~Happy New Year~

2012 was a great year for our family.  We had many exciting things happen.  The most exciting thing was the arrival of our newest member to the family, Garrett.  Garrett is such a happy, sweet boy.  He is always smiling (he has the cutest smile that lights up his whole face).  The kids still fight over who can hold him, who gets to sit by him, and who he likes best, lol.  He is not lacking attention :).

We also moved into our new home this year.  It took a little while for the new home to feel like home.  There were several weeks that went by that we would drive by our old home and get teary eyed because we missed it. We no longer do that, because the new house now feels like home.  We love it!  We had several Christmas parties at our home this past month and it really helped break things in, lol.

Dave is still a high councilman at church.  He continues to be super busy with work, church, and coaching Hunter's basketball team.  He did manage to squeeze in some hunts this year.  Hunter and Dave got a deer.  This was Hunter's first time hunting and he loved it.  I'm sure Dave is glad to have a permanent hunting partner :)

I was called to be the Relief Society 1st councelor.  I really enjoy being in Relief Society.  I love the spirit you feel during each lesson.  I also like visiting with the sisters in our ward.  The kids keep me extra busy with all of their activities, but I love it!

Hunter continues to love sports.  He played comp soccer and comp basketball this past year.  Although his heart lies in basketball.  He loves it!  He is still playing piano, which each day he lets me know that he is not going to play anymore when the school year is over, lol.  We shall see.  He is doing great in school and keeps busy.

Mckell is such a little mother.  She is so good with Garrett.  She loves to hold him, feed him, and sing to him.  I can't get her to change one of his diapers though, lol.  She loves school! And has gotten back into dance which she loves.

Lexi is now in preschool, which she loves!  She also is taking dance.  She loves that too. She is such a good helper and loves to make others happy.

Life is good!  We hope that 2013 will be another great year.

~Happy Birthday to You~

Hunter is 10!  He is getting so grown up.  It shows in the way he talks, what he wants to do, and the way he acts.

On his birthday he played in a basketball tournament so we really didn't get to celebrate because he had games all day.  We did take time to open gifts though.
Hunter is big right now into building his muscles.  So for his birthday he got a weight bench and ankle weights.  He also got video games for his DS and the Xbox, and University of Utah stuff.  After opening gifts we headed out for a day full of basketball games.  We told Hunter that we would celebrate his birthday, as a family, the following day.  However that didn't happen because when he woke up we found that his face had swollen though the night and was beat red.  He had had an allergic reaction to something, but we are clueless to what it was.
For his party with the Wangsgard side of the family he chose to have Steaks for dinner and to play the candybar game.  Everyone had a lot of fun!

For his birthday, Hunter got basketball cards and boxing gloves from the Wangsgards.
It may look like Hunter and Rich are hugging, but they were really boxing, lol.
Some things about Hunter on his 10th birthday.
  • He loves playing basketball!  It is his favorite sport.  He could play everynight of the week if he had the chance.  He loves that Dave and Jerry are coaching his comp basketball teams.
  • He loves to read the Diary of the Whimpey kids series, as well as the Persey Jackson series.
  • He loves playing the xbox with his friends.
  • He still loves pizza, but over the past year he has decided that his favorite food is now Steak.
  • He loves working out.  He has an exercise routine that he does everyday.  It consists of sit ups, pushups, leg presses, etc.  He is getting some pretty strong abs, lol.  He is bound and determined that he is going to have big muscles.
  • He is a really good babysitter.
  • He plays really well with his sisters, even though there are times that he will not admit he enjoys their company.
We love Hunter!  Our family would not be the same without him.  It is so fun to watch him grow into a great young man.  We love you Hunter!!!