Wednesday, February 24, 2010

~Family Night Skiing~

Hunter and Mckell have been asking all winter when we were going to go skiing. We figured, with the snow melting like crazy lately, we'd better do it quick before it was too late. So for family night we took the kids up to Wolf Mountain to go night skiing. Hunter had been skiing once before last year, Mckell had never been. I was a little nervous, because I'm not the best skier (I think I've been skiing 5 times in my life). So I knew Dave was going to have a lot on his hands. He was going to have to help both kids, lol. But to my surprise the kids did really well. We started off on the little training hill, it took a couple of times for the kids to get used to it, but Hunter was able to slow himself down when he got going to fast, and he could even stop buy himself. He was doing so good that he tried to go of a jump that they had there. He was having a blast! Mckell was a little pro. She took right to it, and had no fear. She could turn when she wanted to change directions and she could slow herself down too. The kids were doing so good that we even took them on the lift to the bunny hill. Mckell was skiing with Dave and Hunter was skiing with me. Hunter wanted to go fast and didn't like that I was trying to slow him down. We were holding hands and he kept trying to shake me off so he could go faster. He is a little dare devil, lol. He and Dave ended up going down the bunny hill 2 more times after that.
Going up the conveyor belt.

We took a break for dinner and hot cocoa. However, the kids didn't hardly drink their hot cocoa because they couldn't wait to get back out to ski. They were a little disappointed, when we were getting ready to leave, that the snack bar had already closed because they wanted to go and get more hot cocoa. It was REALLY good hot cocoa.

I LOVE spending time with my cute little family!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

~We're Going On A Treasure Hunt~

Hunter has been big into Indiana Jones lately. At the school book fair, he saw a spy kit that had a compass in it and he immediately came home and told Dave that he just HAD to have it so that Dave and Hunter could go treasure hunting together like Indiana Jones does. So needless to say, Hunter pulled his money together (with the help of a few dollars from Dave) and bought his compass. Since then, he has been asking when we were going to go on a treasure hunt. Dave started looking for a Geocache that was close to our home. For those of you who don't know what Geocache is, it is stuff (baseball cards, etc) people have hidden around the country. You plug in the location of the "treasure" into a GPS and then go on your "treasure" hunt. Well, today we went on our first treasure hunt. We lucked out because there was a Geocache right in the mountains above our house. We had a good time hiking around, but were unsuccessful in finding our treasure. I'm sure because of all the snow. Hunter did not want to leave until we found it, but the sun was starting to set, so we promised him we'd go back to look for the treasure another day.

The treasure hunters at the beginning of the trail.

Mckell making her own trail through the snow :)
Hunter and Marley leading the way.

After a while, we started wondering why we chose Hunter to be the leader. lol. He took us through some pretty interesting stuff.

Hunter and Marley had a blast running all over the mountain. At one point, we even saw Hunter shimmying on his belly, in the snow, to get under some thick brush. I think he felt like he was on an Indiana Jones adventure. Isn't childhood GREAT!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

~Mom! I have a Great Idea. Let's be Sheriff's~

Mckell has been my little helper in the kitchen lately. She loves helping me cook dinner. She has helped me make Fettechini Alfredo, Marinated Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, Hawaiian Haystacks, Club Sandwiches, Hamburgers, etc. Well, last night as we were cooking together, she all of a sudden got so excited and said, "Mom, I have a great idea! Let's both be Sheriff's" I couldn't figure out what she ment by that until she came walking into the kitchen with an apron for her and an apron for me. She wanted to be Chef's :) I love her sooo much, and love that she loves to help me in the kitchen!

Monday, February 8, 2010

~Superbowl Sunday~

The superbowl is a great excuse to get together as a family and eat a lot of food :) We had my mom and dad, brother Richard and Cassie, and Dave's brother Marc over. Mckell was so excited for the party. Although, I don't think she understood that everyone was there to watch a football game, because she kept asking me when we could play games :) She even got her princess matching game out and set it all up for when everyone was ready to play. She wasn't very happy when Lexi started picking them up and putting the cards back into the box.

Lexi's favorite person tonight was Marc. She sat with him most of the night.
Mckell cracks me up. Everytime I would try to take a picture of anyone, she would jump infront of the camera and strike a pose. She loves the camera. LOL
I have to tell a funny story about her. Over the past several months she has been asking me when it would be her turn to give a talk at church? I kept telling her that she would get her turn soon, just to be patient. Well, a couple of weeks ago she couldn't wait anymore, and begged me to ask if she could give a talk. (I really don't know whose child she is, because Dave and I would NEVER ask to give a talk, lol) Well, I asked and she was assigned a talk the next Sunday. She was sooo excited, however, she didn't like that I was trying to help her with her talk. As I would come up with ideas for her to say she would tell me, "Mom I want to teach the children something they don't already know". I asked her, "Like what?" She then told me she was going to give her own talk. She began to tell me what she'd like to tell the children at primary. She said, "Dear children, Jesus died. But then he tricked us and he came back to life. The end." LOL. I guess I need to teach her a little better about Jesus's resurrection :) After a lot of discussion :) we together came up with a talk that fit the topic she was given. I was very proud of her, she did a great job. She really liked sitting up at the front of the room and even gave me the thumbs up before she got up to give her talk. She cracks me up :)