Saturday, February 25, 2012

~A Princess Party~

My cousin Shelby is starting up an addition to her dance studio business. She is beginnning to visit birthday parties, and other functions, as one of the princesses. She had a princess party today at her dance studio to promote it. I promised Mckell and Lexi that we could do a girls day and go to see the different princesses. I even let them each bring a friend. They had so much fun! They got to visit with Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella. They danced, played games, learned how to be a princess, were made an official princess, and enjoyed cookies. It was so much fun to see them interact with the princesses.
Lily as Belle, Mckell as Ariel, Lexi as Snow White, and Melyn as Rapunzel.The girls playing prince, prince, frog.
The girls were talking about what makes a princess. Rapunzel asked the girls what princesses do? Some girls said, "They sing" others said "they have pretty hair". Lexi raised her hand and said that princesses go to church :) Everyone laughed.The girls being made official princesses.Mckell and Shelby (aka Rapunzel). In all of Mckell's pictures her smile is driving me crazy. One of her front teeth is barely hanging in her mouth, it is way longer than the other teeth and drives me crazy. Lol. The girls taking a break from dancing and games to have a little snack. The girls favorite thing about the princess party was getting to dance with the princesses.The girls LOVED getting to visit with the princesses. It was a prefect day to visit with our favorite princesses. Mckell did not want to leave :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

~Mr. Math~

At Hunter's 3rd Grade awards program, he was awarded the award for being Mr. Math. Hunter is so good at Math. The rest of his class is working on multiplication facts, but Hunter's teacher has had him doing division because he already knows his multiplication (and not because we've been working on them at home, it just comes naturally to him). One day his class was talking about symmetry. His teacher asked the class which animal's name had symmetry? She said she honestly didn't think anyone would know the answer to this question without some clues, but Hunter immediately raised his hand and answered, "An Ox". He is so smart. We are so proud of our little "Mr. Math".

I had Hunter wear a nice shirt to school because of the awards assembly. Although you would have never guessed, because he showed up to the assembly in his sweatshirt with muddy knees from playing football at recess, lol. Boys!!!!
Hunter with his buddies Davis and Cooper. They are such goofballs :)