Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~Halloween Crafts~

The kids and I have made a tradition of painting pumpkins and making some kind of Halloween craft every year while Dave is gone hunting. This year it didn't happen when Dave was hunting, but he is in New York for work so the kids and I figured it was time for craft night. We painted pumpkins and made cheese cloth ghosts. It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out really cute!

Our finished products!

Monday, October 26, 2009

~The Deer Hunt~

So this years deer hunt was not at all what Dave had in mind. The weekend the deer hunt opened Dave had to speak in sacrament meeting as part of his High Councilman assignment. He was planning on going out sometime during the week, but then was asked to speak in the Saturday Priesthood session of Stake Conference, so he was preoccupied with writing a talk. But as soon as his talk was over, he had decided that he was going to go hunt for the afternoon. Hunter really wanted to invite his friend Easton, so Easton and his dad went too. They had a lot of fun riding 4 wheelers and playing around in the mountains, but Dave was unsuccessful on getting a deer (I think this is the 1st year ever that Dave hasn't brought anything home). I kept teasing him all week that he was growing up because he blew of the hunts this year to give 2 talks in church. Who would have thought that would ever happen :)This is the "tree" that Hunter and Easton knocked down. Hunter said is was easy because they were so strong :)

Playing in the trees

Since the boys were out having fun, Heidi (Easton's mom) and I decided that we'd have a girls night. We went out to eat, and then went bowling at Fat Cats. It was a lot of fun! I loved watching Ella and Mckell dancing to the music while bowling, and I won the game (barely). Grayce would have won, but surprisingly I got a strike and then a spare the very last round (who'd have thought because I was losing the entire game :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Mckell had her preschool field trip to West Haven's Punkinaze today. She had a lot of fun! They played games, went through the corn maze, played on the big slide (her favorite), and dug through the corn kernals to find prizes. She has the cutest preschool teacher and cutest little class. I can see why she LOVES going to school!
Mckell loved burying herself in the corn. I'm afraid, when we get ready for bath tonight, we will be finding a ton of corn in her clothes :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

~After 7 months, He's Finally Gone~

As many of you know, my brother Christian came home from his mission last March because he had a seizure. Well after many doctor visits, getting on some medication, and lots of prayers; Christian finally left today to continue his mission. Whoot! Whoot!

And what makes him even happier is that he will be returning to the Birmingham, England mission. However, his visa is going to be expiring soon and he has to get a new one, so he is going to be spending a few months at the MTC down in Provo. They are going to be having him work with investigators on the internet answering questions and things like that. He was so excited to go back out! He has been waiting so long.

I have to say, this time around dropping him off was a lot different than when we took him to the airport last time. There weren't as many tears as last time :) I think it was because this time Christian was soooooo ready to go back out, so we were really excited for him.
We stopped at IHOP on the way down to grab a quick bite to eat. Christian didn't eat a whole lot (which is so not like him) I know he was nervous :)
"All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" Last night Hunter lost his 2nd front tooth. I think kids' smiles look so cute when they are missing their front teeth.

My brother Richard, brother Christian, and me. We are just missing my brother Mitch (and yes he is just as tall) I don't think that I am a short person, but when I'm with my brothers I feel that way. Although I have to say that I am thankful I didn't get their height :)
Hunter and Christian showign their muscles. We'll see if Christian still has those when he gets home :)

The last kiss Christian will have for 2 years. Lexi was having no part in giving him a good bye kiss.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

~Halloween, Halloween. Lots of fun on Halloween!~

Last night we had our annual Smeding Halloween Party! It was fun getting all dressed up, and as you can see, my parents love decking out their house for Halloween. Hunter was Count Dracula, Mckell was a witch, and Lexi was her black cat. As for Dave and I, we were my cousin Johnny and his wife Heidi.

I feel I need to explain. Johnny and his wife Heidi play on a co-ed soccer team. A few weeks ago, during a game, Johnny said some remark to a player on the other team and that player ended punching Johnny right in the face. Johnny hit the ground bloody and a little surprised he was actually punch. Well, Heidi immediately ran over to the player who had just punched her husband and started kicking and punching him. That is until my brother-in-law, Marc, and Johnny both ran down and started beating on the guy. So Dave was Johnny, with the bloody nose. And I was Heidi, with the boxing gloves. We thought it was a pretty funny costume idea. We are even wearing the soccer shirts that their team wears.

Doesn't Hunter look scary?

Lexi with my brother Christian. Lexi did not like having makeup on her face!
Here is a better shot of the graveyard scene from my parents frontyard.