Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Our Cute Little Flower Girl~

My cousin's daughter just got married and had asked Mckell to be a flower girl. Mckell was so excited. She loved getting all dressed up and getting her picture taken. :) She is such a girly girl.
Mckell with Hadlee (my cousin Bobbi's little girl)

Mckell's favorite thing about the night was the dancing. She couldn't find enough people to dance with her. She went from her uncle Richard, to Lexi, to Grandpa Wangsgard, to me, to Hadlee, and back to Lexi. She tried to get Hunter and Dave to dance with her, but they weren't having it :) She was very disappointed when it was time to leave because she wanted to keep dancing. She had the time of her life at this reception. Thanks Heather!
Hunter did dance with Grandma Wangsgard and me. He was a good sport :)