Sunday, May 10, 2009

~Does Anyone Else Have This Problem?~

So Mckell got a cute summer dress for her birthday, and for the past 2 weeks she wants to wear it everyday, nonstop. There is a big fight every morning over wearing this dress. I usually win on school days (even though the minute she walks in the door from school she is changing into her dress), but the other days she wins (maybe because I don't think it is worth fighting over on those days). I've even tried hiding it in the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper, but that didn't work. She found it, and you've guessed right, she wore it dirty all day long. I'm sure my neighbors are probably wondering why in the world I dress Mckell the same everyday (poor girl).Even though we fight over this dress, I have to admit she does look darling in it :)