Monday, November 29, 2010

~We never said that Marc was the Brightest :)~

This weekend Marc, Dave's brother, talked Dave into bringing over the 4 wheelers to ride over at Pineview Dam. Dave took Hunter, and Marc brought up his girlfriend Randee and friend Casey. They had fun riding along the beach and playing in the snow. Dave even let Hunter drive.

Randee rolled her 4 wheeler.
They were having a good old time, that is until Marc decided to take the 4 wheeler for a swim. He rode acrossed a piece of iced over lake (which probably wasn't the brightest thing to do, lol) and didn't make it all the way acrossed. He got out to the middle and broke through the ice, 4 wheeler and all. It was deep enough that Marc went all the way under and so did the 4 wheeler. Can you see the tires sticking out of the water?
They rushed Marc back to the house to warm up, get him into some dry clothes, and to figure out how they were going to get the 4 wheeler out of the lake. They decided to get some rope and a pick axe and sent Marc back into the water to tie the rope around the tire of the 4 wheeler so they could pull it out. After a 2nd time of being completely in the water, they rushed Marc back to the house to get him warm. By this time Jerry and Darinda got home and found out what had happened. Darinda was shoked that they let Marc get back into the freezing cold water, but they said they had to get the 4 wheeler out. However, Marc did not want to get back into the freezing cold water a third time. So they got a wet suit from the firestation and sent Marc back into the water to break a trail of ice so they could pull the 4 wheeler out. And also to flip the 4 wheeler over so it was on its wheels when they pulled it out.
Well after several hours, they got the 4 wheeler out. Yeah! Although, I highly doubt it is ever going to work again, lol. Hopefully Marc has learned a lesson today. NEVER drive a 4 wheeler on a lake that isn't completely frozen over (Pineview is only frozen on the edges). Well, maybe he should just never drive a 4 wheeler acrossed the ice period. LOL

Saturday, November 27, 2010

~Fred's Back~

Our family has our own little Christmas Elf named Fred. Every year after Thanksgiving, he returns to our home bringing gifts with him. He stays through the Christmas season, returning every night to the North Pole to let Santa know how the kids have been that day. This year, he brought the kids each their very owl popcorn bowl with Christmas pajamas for everyone and Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, bows, and treats.
Hunter reading to everyone the note sent to us.

The kids and I reading the book Fred brings with him to remind us what he does.
Mckell with Fred (before we took him out of the box).
So I guess it is official, Christmas time is here!!!!!


This year for Thanksgiving, we had lunch with the Ropelato side of the family. The food was great and the company was even better.

Dave and Grandma Donna
Grandma Darinda has tons of princess costumes and dress ups. The girls LOVED this. They each got into a costume, then paraded through the dining room, then would run back uptairs to get into a new costume, and parade through again. They did this several times. So needless to say we had our own Thanksgiving Day parade, lol.
I know I really should have gotten pictures of the adults, lol. But everytime I'd go to take a picture I see the adults slightly move out of the picture, lol. Well, all except Dawn. Hahaha, she ran to get in the picture, but didn't run fast enough, lol. (Dawn will know what I'm talking about). If you look back at the picture of Dave and Grandma, you can see Dawn running to get in, lol.
After a BIG Thanksgiving lunch, we took the kids to a movie (a tradition we started last year). We went and saw Tangled, which was such a cute movie. I love spending time with my family, and am soooo thankful that my Heavenly Father as blessed me to have them in my life. I am thankful for a wonderful husband, who will get up on a cold, dark night to put up our Christmas lights just to make me happy. I am thankful for Hunter, who is such a good helper to me and I love that he comes and gives me a big hug and kiss and tells me he loves me quite often. I am thankful for Mckell, she is a little mother to Lexi and helps me with everything. I love that she surprises me with pictures she's drawn and hung on my bedroom wall. I am thankful for Lexi. She is also such a good helper, and I love her hugs. I love that she says Thank You and Please for everything and reminds Hunter and Mckell to do the same. I am thankful for the home I live in and the wonderful neighborhood that I am privileged to raise my kids in. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends who brighten my days. But most of all I am thankful to my Heavenly Father and Jesus, for blessing me with all that I have, and for being there for me when I need them. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

~11 Years Ago~

On the night before Thanksgiving, 11 years ago, Dave and I went on our first date. About a month prior to our first date, Dave and his girlfriend at the time, set one of my good friends up with one of Dave's old mission companions. They hit it off and started dating. Well over that month, Dave and his girlfriend of 4 1/2 years broke up so Harmony and Jared set Dave and I up. I was a little weary about it at first. Dave and I went to the same high school (he was a year older than me), we didn't know each other but I'd heard of him and knew some of his friends. I knew he was a jock and was a little worried that he would be really cocky and into himself. But he wasn't at all and I'm so glad that I went (obviously).

We headed down to South Salt Lake to meet up with Jared. We ate at TGIFridays, where Dave told them it was my birthday (which it wasn't). Everytime a waiter or waitress walked by, they tied a helium balloon into my hair (I'm sure I looked really cute, lol). My hair was going in all different directions, then they made be a HUGE crown out of balloons and put that on my head and sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a very memorable dinner, lol.

After dinner, we headed to Jordon Commons to see a movie. We saw Bone Collector, which is not a funny movie at all, but Dave and I laughed through the entire thing. It was such a fun night, and Dave and I hit it off right away.

I can't believe it has been 11 years since that day. We both feel just as young as we were back then, but looking back at the pictures of us, we look like babies.
Now this isn't a picture of our first date, but it was a picture of us a few weeks later. After the first date, we were inseperable. Happy 11 years of being together! I love you!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Every Sunday we go to my Mom and Dad's house for lunch. Mckell is the one who always wants to give the prayer on the food. Well, this time Hunter said that he wanted to say the prayer. I was a little surprised because usually Hunter is happy to let Mckell do it. Well, he gave a very good prayer and at the end of the prayer he said "and bless that Richard and Cassie(my brother and sister in law)'s baby will be healthy. Well, we all busted up laughing. For the last several months we have been giving Richard a hard time about having a baby, and I just thought Hunter was joining in the fun. Richard played it up and said, "What the heck are you teaching your kids Natalie" We all laughed and then my mom said, "Are you telling Hunter something you are not telling us?" Cassie replied with a "Yes!" We were shocked and sooo excited. Surprise! We are going to have a little niece or nephew join the Wangsgard family in May. It will be nice to have other grandkids on the Wangsgard side other than my kids :) I was shocked that Hunter kept this secret for as long as he did. I guess as we walked into my mom and dad's house, Richard snagged Hunter and told him the news and told him that if he volunteered to say the prayer on the food and bless their baby then he and Cassie had a prize for him. Hunter was happy to do it. I was just surprised that he didn't let it slip out before dinner. Way to Go Hunter!

Monday, November 8, 2010

~First Successful Hunt of the Year~

Dave was kind of bummed with the way the elk hunt and the deer hunt went this year, so he decided he'd take Marley out and go on a pheasant hunt. His cousin Braxton joined them. They went out to Hooper to his uncle Larry's and grandpas property. They saw a lot of pheasants and even shot some :) This hunt was successful, Yeah!!! The kids loved looking at the birds Dave brought home. Infact, Lexi got upset when Dave started cleaning the bird, because it was her bird, lol.

So this years hunts weren't a complete loss :)