Sunday, October 31, 2010

~Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween from a flower princess, a soccer zombie, and Tinkerbell.I think the kids have had too much partying because as we were starting to get ready to go trick or treating Hunter complained that he didn't want to dress up again, lol. I think it was because of the makeup.

Dave took the kids out for about an hour (that is all they wanted to do), then they came home we had dinner and watched Halloween cartoons. Mckell LOVED handing out candy to the trick or treaters who came to our door.
After dinner, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Wangsgard's house to go trick or treating there. Mckell again handed out candy and then even talked Grandpa Wangsgard into taking her trick or treating around his neighborhood.
I think Lexi had eaten too much candy, because while Grandpa and Mckell were trick or treating, Lexi was attacking Hunter. She would pull him up by his shirt, push him down, then jump on him and wrestle him. She has NEVER acted like that before, and Hunter thought it was terribly funny, but lexi was starting to get a little rough, so I had to stop it. She was acting like she was possessed. I blame it on the candy :)
So I think we had a successful Halloween. The kids came home with oodles of candy, and we had fun all month long. I love Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

~Twas the Week Before Halloween~

Twas the week before Halloween,
There was so much to do.
From Drug Free Week to Pumpkin Carving,
And tons of Halloween parties too.

It started with Monday,
Wear crazy socks to school.
Hunters socks had Jack-o-lanterns,
Mckell's rainbow socks were cool.

Then Tuesday we had to get up early,
For it was crazy hair day.
Mckell asked me why
I didn't always do her hair this way?

Wednesday was the day,
To dress like a nerd.
Hunter was upset that I wouldn't let him wear my glasses,
I told him he was being obserd.

That night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Wangsgard's ward Trunk or Treat,

There the kids loaded up on lots of candies and sweets.

Thursday was packed full,
Of fun things to do.
To school the kids wore there PJ's,
and had Halloween parties too.

I helped in Mckell's class,
which was so much fun.
We made Frankenstein cans,
that looked so cute when all done.
That evening we got in the car and we headed,
To the TechMediaNetworks Halloween party.
They had a Trunk or Treat, dinner, and a childrens parade,
(I'm so glad that we made it on time and weren't tardy).

At the work party,
We had some special guests.
The Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus),
They sang the song "I Put a Spell on You". It was the best!

We had to leave the party a tad early,

For the school carnival.

There they had bowling, and golfing,

And tatoos like a skull.

You'd think by now all the excitement and parties would be done,

But we had one more day full of fun.

One Friday we went

To the Patterson's Halloween party.

We played games and made crafts,

And got treat bags which included a smartie.

From there we headed,
To Grandma and Grandpa Wangsgard's house.
To make caramel apples and carve pumpkins,
I made mine look like a cat, who wanted a mouse.
So we now are ready for tomorrow, Halloween Day.
May Happy, Happy Hauntings come your way!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

~The Deer Hunt~

This year we made the deer hunt a family event. The kids and I went with Dave, Becky and the girls came with Jeff, and Marc brought up Randee. Our plan was while the men were out hunting us girls would hang out back at camp. We headed up Thursday night. Friday was a very nice day. We set up camp, rode 4 wheelers, went on a walk/hike around our campsite, and my dad and Dave went up to check out their hunting spot. They saw about 90-100 deer and were stoked for the hunt to open the following morning.
I know this is kind of gross, but as we were exploring around we saw a dead coyote hanging from a tree. Hunter thought this was so cool.
Mckell is our little camper. She loved helping to gather rocks for the firepit, wood for the fire, and absolutely loved helping my dad make the fire.
So Friday was a nice day, but Saturday was a different story. It rained a lot and even snowed up on the guys as they were hunting. Since the weather wasn't the best, the deer were not out and about, so they didn't have much luck with the hunt. Back at camp we spent the day watching movies, coloring, and decorating sugar cookies.

Playing Games. The guys thought that Sunday they might get a chance to do some more hunting, but boy were they wrong. It rained, no poured, the entire day. So we spent the whole day playing games and watching movies waiting for the rain to subside, but it never did.

Eventually, we realized that the rain wasn't going to stop so we packed up and headed home. Not the most successful hunt, but we had a good time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~Smeding Girls Night Out~

It has been a tradition, for years now, to go to dinner and a Haunted House with my moms sisters and my cousins. It is so much fun, to get together and visit and then go and get scared to death :) Our favorite haunted house, that we have been going to for years now, is The Nightmare on 13th. Soooo Fun!!! This year our group was a bit smaller, but we still had fun. Here is a picture of those of us that made it with Freddy Kruger.

I love the look on my moms face, lol.