Friday, February 13, 2009

We've got an Author!

The other day Hunter came home from school and told me that he wanted to write a story to share with his class. I was shoked! I asked him what his story would be about, and he already knew what exactly he wanted it to say, so we got started. His book was about a boy named Mikey going ice fishing with his dad. As we were writing his story, it hit me at how grown up he is getting. He was sounding out the words by himself to know how to spell them, his pictures were good and detailed, and when it was done he read it back to me ;) I am so proud of him!
Mikey and his Dad Go Ice Fishing
by Hunter

Mikey wanted to go fishing.
Then his dad said yes.
Then they were driving and it took hours.
Then they were there ice fishing.
And then Mikey's chair broke through the ice.
Then the Dad came in to save him and they were stuck down in the ocean til the summer.
Then his Dad carried Mikey out of the ocean.
Then they got in their car and got home and they were freezing.
(I thought this was pretty good for a Kindergartner)

I think Hunter used his recent ice fishing trip with Dave, his Grandpa Wangsgard, and his uncle Christian as inspiration for his book :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Like Father, Like son

I don't know who was more excited to go ride Hunters Birthday/Christmas present. Dave or Hunter. Winter really hasn't given Hunter the opportunity to ride his new bike, but since the snow had pretty much melted out in Hooper, Dave jumped at the opportunity to go to Great Grandpa Ropelato's and teach Hunter to ride his new bike. Hunter did really well. He only fell over twice, and that is because Dave put it into 2nd gear, and Hunter got going to fast to quick. :)
You couldn't get Hunter off of the bike, after about an hour and a half, Dave was getting cold (he says from going so slow) so he talked Hunter into going. He told Hunter they could go out to ride it again next weekend (I don't think that will happen anymore because we had a big snow storm)

Mckell kept asking when she was going to get her bike :) I fear Dave has started something.

Dave is showig off for the camera :) Notice he was starting to pop a wheely. I didn't get a great picture of it cuz I got nervous and jumped out of the way.