Saturday, March 31, 2012

~Squirm! A Wiggly, Giggly, Squiggly Musical~

Mckell has been excited for weeks for us to come and see her 1st grade program. In their program, all the kids dressed up as bugs, they sang about bigs, and they taught us a lot of interesting facts about bugs. Mckell was an ant.
For Mckell's part, she wore Hunters ant glasses and said, "We have 2 antenae, we have 4 wings, we have 6 legs and some other things."Mckell was funny. She told my dad that he could not come to her program because he eats bugs and she didn't want him eating any of the kids in her class, hahaha. When she that, we all were a little confused, because we couldn't figure where she got the idea that her Grandpa eats bugs. I guess years ago, by dad pretended to eat a worm and Mckell still really thinks he ate it. She made him promise not to eat anymore bugs and then he could come, lol.

I really don't get in alot of pictures lately, and after seeing this one I know why, lol. I knew I was starting to swell up, but I didn't realize I looked this bad. I guess that is what being over 8 months pregnant does to you :(.Mckell did a great job! It's always fun to watch her perform.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

~Knight at the Museum~

For our school's Literacy Night, they had a "Knight at the Museum" (Treehouse Museum). I took the kids, however, Hunter didn't want to go at the last minute. He was up the street playing football and basketball with all the neighbor boys, and decided he'd rather stay up there and play than go spend an evening with me and his sisters. :( He is growing up too fast. Since he wasn't coming with us, I decided to let the girls take a friend in Hunter's place. The girls were so cute, and had so much fun. However, they were a little disappointed because the time went by way to fast. It was time to leave before we knew it, and we hadn't even gotten to all the centers. I guess we'll have to go back another day and spend more time. Mr. Rhees, the school principal, knighting the kids for being good readers. Then the kids were given a medal. Giddy up Cowgirl!
The girls enjoyed the play "The Princess and the Pea", they loved dressing up, and loved playing in the centers. They did not want to leave, and it was all I could do to get them out the door. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~Jr Jazz Champs!~

Hunter LOVES basketball. This year we had him signed up in 2 different leagues. He played in a North Ogden City league and then in an Ogden City league. It kept him busy, but he loved every minute of it. Last night was his very last game. His team was seated #1 in the Ogden City league, and ended up winning the tournament. Yeah!!!Last nights game was very intense. The boys had to really work for their points. The final score was 15 to 5 (we won). Hunter was so proud that of those 15 points he made 8 of them. He had many rebounds, many assists, and many blocks. He played a very good game, we were all so proud of him. It was a fun game to watch. I might add that this was our lowest scoring game of the season. The team we played against did a very good job defensively. Normally, the officials stop keeping score on our team because we were so far ahead of the other teams. Our group of boys really played well together as a team.
The boys each got a trophy that said "3rd Grade Champions". Hunter has walked around with his trophy since he's gotten it :). Hunter's North Ogden league finished up a few weeks ago, and I never posted any pictures of it, so I guess I'll do it now :) He didn't have the same team as he did with the Ogden City league, but 2 of the boys who were on his Ogden City team were also on his North Ogden team. They had fun playing together 2 games a week.

Hunter's North Ogden team. He had his friends Davis and Brex on the team. This team did very well also. They won most of their games, only loosing to one other team.

Hunter and Davis being silly fighting over the ball. We are all sad that basketball is over. It was really fun going and watching Hunter play.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

~Goodbye Ms. Snaggletooth~

For the last several weeks, one of Mckell's front teeth hung down lower than the rest because it was loose. It got to the point where one end of the tooth actually went infront of her other front tooth, while the other hung a lot lower than the rest of her teeth. It drove me crazy! We all called it her snaggletooth. Dave and I have been trying to pull that darn tooth out for the past week and a half, but it was not ready to come. The front root just wasn't ready to give. Well, the other night Mckell and Lexi were playing. Lexi was climbing onto Mckell's back and somehow accidently kicked Mckell in the mouth, knocking her tooth right out. Mckell was so excited! She didn't even realized that her mouth was bleeding everywhere. Lexi, on the other hand, was a little worried because of all the blood, but soon was relieved because Mckell was hugging her thanking her for knocking out her tooth. Lexi went from being worried to being proud that she had made Mckell happy. :)
Mckell looks so cute with her missing front tooth!