Thursday, June 21, 2012

~He's One Tough Cookie~

Hunter is one tough cookie!  He is attending Weber State's Basketball camp this week.  On Tuesday morning he was jumping for a ball, and tripped over someones foot.  While he was on the ground another player stepped on his hand by accident, breaking his right pointer finger.  The medics at the camp told him it was broken and they taped it up for him.  When he got home from camp that day, he didn't mention anything about his finger.  He opened the door to ask if he could go up to his friends house, and was gone.  I didn't see him until later that evening, when he told me about his finger, I figured it wasn't broken because he had played all day without any medicine for the pain, so how bad could it be right?  I sent him to camp the next day, honestly thinking it was just jammed or something.  When he came home from camp his finger looked pretty ragged.  It was swollen at the knuckles, black and blue, and was crooked.  So I decided to take him to the doctor.  They did x-rays and sure enough it was broken. They splinted it up, but scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon first thing the next morning.  They wanted to make sure it healed correctly since it is his pointer finger on his right hand.  So bright and early this morning we met with the orthopedic doctor.  He put Hunter's finger in a brace so that it could not move and stayed perfectly straight, and told us to come back in two weeks for more x-rays to see if it is healing properly.  Then he added, no basketball.  Hunter did not like this at all.  It was the last day of camp, and they were playing their championship games.  I am probably a terrible mother because I let him go to basketball camp anyway.  I figured he's been to camp the last 2 days with his broken finger and today it was actually wrapped and somewhat protected.  Although, I made him promise me that he would be careful with his finger.  He went and had a really fun day.  His team won the 5 on 5 championship game, and his 3 on 3 team went to the final 2 but lost.  He also went to the finals for the lightning game (foul shots), which is really good for a kid with a broken finger.
Hunter went to camp with a big group of boys from the neighborhood.  They are such fun kids.  I'm glad Hunter has this group of good boys to hang out with.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

~Grandpa to the Rescue~

Mckell, Lexi, and I decided to go buy some flowers to plant in the front flowerbeds.  As we were planting, Mckell let out a giant scream and started running away from the flowers.  I asked her if she saw a spider or something and she told me that their was a snake back behind the bush.  Honestly, I didn't believe her because in the 10 years that we've lived in this house I have NEVER seen a snake.  She kept insisting that their was a big snake, so I went to check it out.  Sure enough we had a snake.
Being that I don't know my snakes, I wasn't sure what kind of snake it was.  I thought it looked like a rattlesnake, but I honestly really don't know what a rattlesnake looks like other than it has a rattle on it's tail.  We stopped planting and went inside.  Dave and Hunter were out of town so they were not there to catch the snake for me, so I figured I'd have to wait to finish planting my flowers when they got home.  But the more I thought about it, I really didn't want this snake moving somewhere else in my yard.  I knew where it was, so I knew where to avoid.  If it moved I would have been afraid to even leave my house for fear that I might get too close to the snake.  So I called my dad to come and help me get rid of the snake.  Well, let me refraise, to come and get rid of the snake for me, lol.
My dad informed me that this was not a rattler, but a blow snake.  It was king of funny to watch my dad, in a suit, chasing a snake around my yard.  My dad, growing up of a farm, did what any farmer would do with a snake.  He beheaded it.  The girls thought it was cool to see the snake still slither around even though it was dead.  They eventually got brave and picked up the snake.  Mckell wanted to show the entire neighborhood what she had, and she couldn't wait until Hunter came home to tell him about our snake experience.  I'm grateful for a dad who will drop what he is doing to come and help us when we need it.  He's the best!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

~Mitch & Toni's Wedding~

My younger brother, Mitch, got married to the cutest girl, Toni, yesterday.  It was a day packed with wedding ceremonies, luncheons, and receptions.  We started off the morning with a vietnamese wedding ceremony.
Mitch and Toni both wore traditional vietnamese robes.
Then later that day, at the luncheon, they had a vietnamese candle ceremony.
Following the luncheon, we headed to my mom and dad's house for the american style wedding.
Mckell and Lexi were the cutest flowergirls ever.
Hunter was the ring bearer.
Then the evening ended with the reception, good food, dancing (which my kids loved!!!), and of course decorating the car.
The past week, it has been so hot.  However, last night a cold front came in, and it was COLD!  We passed out blankets and jackets to keep people warm during the reception.  Mckell is sporting Christians old  officer jacket.  However, once she started dancing the jacket was off.  I really don't know how she didn't freeze to death, she must have really been dancing hard.
Hunter was determined to catch the garter.  And he had it, but Toni's brother did a flip over Hunter's head and snagged it from him.  It was a pretty entertaining way of watching someone get the garter.
Overall, it was a very nice day, cold and a bit windy, but nice.  Congratulations to Mitch and Toni!  We are glad to have Toni join our family.