Sunday, June 26, 2011

~Team Ropelato Rules!!!~

Jerry, my father in law, is big into track and field stuff. He has competed in track and field events all over the world, from Australia to Italy to all over the USA. A few months back he told the family that he wanted to take us all down to the Utah Summer Games to compete in some events. He'd already reserved the hotel rooms so we'd better put those dates on our calendar. He even signed us all up for different events. Now me, not being athletic at all, was not at all thrilled about this. But I was a good sport and went anyway :) The Ropelato family did awesome down at the summer games. I think we ended up taking home 32 medals in all. Everyone who competed recieved some medals. Team Ropelato Rules!!!
The whole family sporting our medals.
We had quite the little camp set up. We had everything from chairs, blankets, umbrellas, coolers, toys, treats, etc. The kids had a lot of fun watching everyone compete and playing with their cousins.

So Dave won 4 medals. Gold in the 4by100, silver in the triple jump, and high jump, and bronze in the long jump. Way to go Dave!!!

I won gold in the javelin and in the 4by100. I took silver in the long jump. Yeah me!!!

The Ropelato girls 4by100 team.
Hunter won bronze in the high jump. Whoot! Whoot! Hunter by far had the most competition in his races/sports. In some, he went up against 12-15 kids, so he did extremely well. Also, he was competing against 9 and 10 year olds instead of boys his age.
Hunter warming up for his jump.
All the little girls did really well for spending the entire day at the track field. They practiced different events, played in the long jump pit, warmed up, and had fun running around. Next year we will have to sign the older girls up for some competitions.
Our little family with our medals. We had a really fun time down at the summer games!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~Basketball Camp~

Hunter and a bunch of the neighbor boys went to Weber States Basketball camp this year. He really enjoyed it. The first day he won the free throw contest in his squad. They had the winners from each squad compete in a contest, to see who the best shooter in the camp was. Hunter took 3rd place. That is really good, considering he was competing against 10, 11, 12, up to 16 year olds. Way to go buddy!!!
The first day of camp I had Hunter wear his BYU, Jimmer jersey. Well the Weber State players kept teasing Hunter that his shirt was ugly, and that he needed to take it off :) He was a little mad at me for having him wear it, lol. Hunter with the winners of each squads free throw contest. He LOVES basketball, and had a really fun week at basketball camp.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

~Kick Butt & Chew Gum~

"Kick Butt & Chew Gum" That is what Hunter's baseball coach said the most important rules of baseball were. Hunter has loved playing baseball this year, and is sad that the season is now over.His team. The Red Sox.
Lexi especially LOVED going to Hunter's games, because she got to play with Melyn. They are so cute together and Lexi absolutely LOVES her!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~The Rockies~

Mckell's played t-ball this summer and absolutely LOVED it. Her team's name was the Rockies. Mckell was a little go getter. If she was playing 3rd base and the ball was hit to first, she'd run clear acrossed the field to get it, lol. Her coach commented how funny it was that the 2 little girls on her team were better at playing ball than most of the boys, hahaha. Way to go Mckell! She must get her athletic skills from her dad. :)
Lexi wanted to get out there and play too. She was especially upset when she didn't get a treat along with the players, lol. I guess that is something she'll have to get used to until she is older.

~Camp Keisel~

I lucked out and got to accompany Hunter up to Camp Keisel this year. This was his first time at a Boy Scout camp, and he had a BLAST!!!! They played loads of games, rowed in canoes, shot bb guns, shot bow and arrows, made a craft, went on a nature hike, etc. They were busy having fun the entire day. I am EXHAUSTED!!!

The boys playing Dodgeball. Can you see Rexton hiding behind Hunter? Lol. Hunter with his pack. Davis, Cooper, Hunter, and Rexton. Our trip started off eventful. On our way up to Camp Keisel, Cooper got car sick and threw up. I'm glad he felt better and had a fun day :)

Hunter LOVED shooting the BB gun. I even got to shoot it :)
One of Hunter's favorite things up at Camp Keisel was the Bow and Arrows.

The boys showing off the crafts that they made.
A big Dogpile.

Mindy was nice and let me take Hunter's group out on the canoes. She went with the Bears. We had a race to see who could get to the other side of the little lake first. Our boat won!!! We also won everyone going back to where we started. The boys in my boat were GREAT canoers :)
The boys all bought themselves pocket knifes from the trading post at the end of the day. They had a lot of fun!